Trude & Prue
Trude and prue


Trude & Prue (Surnames Unknown)


Trude - Shop Assistant
Prue - Shop Assistant


Trude - Graham
Prue - Adrian


Trude - Harry and Sophie
Prue - Unknown

First Appearance

The Wedding

Final Appearance

Wedding of the Century

Trude & Prue first appear in Season 1, Episode 8, The Wedding. They are played by Gina Riley and Jane Turner respectively. The characters speak with hyper-aspiration and often mispronouncing works completely. They also speak in rhyme quite a bit too, some examples being :-

We've still got stacks of Jojoba left over from October
Well I was going to go but there was no snow, so , no!

Work LifeEdit

Trude & Prue both work as shop assistants in 'House', a home-wares store located in Fountain Gate Shopping Centre. Prue only works in the shop 2 hours a week, it is unknown how many hours Trude works. They are seen in Kath & Kimderella when they fly to Italy to look for things to sell in the shop. They can be seen haggling in the local market while carrying expensive designer shopping bags. They are both extremely snobbish and wealthy.


Both of their wealth comes from marriage, with Trude being married to Adrian 'Melbourne's top plastic surgeon' and Prue is married to Graham, a high profile, shady, stock-broker. By the final episode Trude is divorced from Adrian, leaving her penniless. Also earlier in the series Prue's marriage also suffered a set back when Adrian is almost faced with jail time but does a deal with the police and blames everyone else instead, including Trude's husband Graham, however, this doesn't affect their marriage.


  • They both speak in in a highly exaggerated upper-class Australian accent sometimes mispronouncing words completely (one of their favourites being the word 'great' which they pronounce as 'graysh'.
  • Trude enjoys making fun of and looking down upon Kath, Kim and even Kel's (and indeed anyone else who enters the shop) common and simple ways and inferior wealth, often resulting in Prue exclaiming "Oh you're dreadful!"
  • Prue is fond of expensive European homeware brands such as Le Creuset, Bodum and Orrefors much to the confusion of Kim when looking for wedding gifts for Kath.

Other Appearances Edit

  • Trude and Prude were also present at the 2012 Logie awards where they presented the award for most popular T.V Presenter to Adam Hills.
  • Their first appearance (albeit without the grey hair and the accents toned down) was on Big Girl's Blouse in a sketch entitled 'Liberal Women's Garage Sale'.


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