Kim Craig: Brett, why can't you compromise for once and just do what I say?

Kim Craig, Another Announcement, Season 2 Episode 7

Kath & Kim Season 2
Season 2
Season 2 DVD Cover
Original channel ABC TV
Original run September 18, 2003 - 6 November, 2003
Episodes 8
Finale The Hideous Truth
DVD release
Region 2 27 November, 2006
Region 4 24 November, 2003
Season chronology
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Season 1
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Season 2 of Kath & Kim had it's season premier on September 18, 2003 with The Announcement and continued until the season finale, The Hideous Truth on 6 November, 2003. The season contained 8 episodes. The region 4 DVD was released on 24 November, 2003 and the region 2 DVD was released on 27 November 2006.


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Episodes Edit

No in series No in season Title Original air date Production code
9 1 The Announcement September 18, 2003 201
Brett has changed the locks to keep Kim out of the marital unit. They reconcile on New Year's Eve, and announce they are trying for a baby. After the injuries suffered at the wedding, Kath has lost her libido, and even the orgy scene from Eyes Wide Shut fails to revive it. Kath and Kel seek help from Marion, who espouses nudism. Kim worries there is something wrong when she fails to "fall", and tells Brett to wear looser trousers. Kath's libido returns after her nudist phase. Sharon's first date with Mark is a disaster when she goes nude to a costume party. Brett also tries nudism, but Kim was actually pregnant all along and was misreading the results of her pregnancy test.
10 2 Inside Out September 25, 2003 202
New to Kath's home, Kel strives for domestic excellence – which extends to prissy nagging – leaving Kath feeling useless with nothing to do. Kim and Brett start renovating their unit, resulting in endless arguments. Looking for an outlet, Kath arrives to help them, but soon wears out her welcome. Sharon plays war games. Brett's treefelling attempts damage the roof and Kim and Brett move back in to Kath's.
11 3 The Moon October 2, 2003 203
Brett is working 48 hours straight and a bored Kim makes a nuisance of herself at Kath's. Sharon is reunited with old school friend Lisa-Marie (Sibylla Budd) making Kim jealous. Kim refuses to attend the school reunion, but when Sharon and Lisa-Marie plan to attend it together Kim decides to go. Kim's attempt at fashion attracts ridicule. Kath plans her and Kel's honeymoon while he struggles to prepare his GST reporting. When all planes are grounded due to a GST-related strike they spend their holiday at the airport. Sharon plans to move to the Gold Coast with Lisa-Marie. Kel returns to his GST reporting while cursing John Howard. Kim and Sharon have a strident reconciliation.
12 4 Obsession October 9, 2003 204
Kath and Kel are exhausted by all their boxercising and Kel can't perform sexually. Sharon's boyfriend Mark has ditched her in favour of Moira, a leggy river dancer. Brett applies for a promotion at work, and Kim decides to become a corporate wife to assist him. Kath and Kel undergo cosmetic enhancement. Kim causes havoc at Brett's after work drinks. Sharon tries river dancing to win back Mark's affections. Kel's libido suddenly returns at an inopportune moment.
13 5 My Boyfriend October 16, 2003 205
Sharon enlists her boastful boyfriend Mark for her netball team. Kim has doubts about Brett's manliness. Kath's attempts to make a fruit hat for her floral design course go awry when she loses phone reception and Telstra aren't forthcoming.
14 6 Another Announcement October 23, 2003 206
Kim and Brett clash over potential names for their baby. Brett refuses to go to the birth classes. Sharon applies to become a Commonwealth Games volunteer. Kath and Kel buy a pet dog and name it "Epponnee-Rae". Kim is upset as she was planning that name for her baby.
15 7 The Shower October 30, 2003 207
Kim is upset when her best friend Tina can't come to the baby shower: she says she has to stay home because of a pencil in her eye. Sharon takes a shine to Kel's best friend Sandy Freckle (William McInnes) but Sandy seems more interested in Kath.
16 8 The Hideous Truth November 6, 2003 208
When Kim goes into labour Kath reminisces about the ordeal she went through giving birth to Kimberley Diane Poole with little help from the father, Gary Poole. Kim recalls her first meeting with Brett, when he had bad hair and was dating Sharon. A blast from the past arrives at the hospital.
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